Our Programs

The Mikinakoos Children’s Fund connects with communities in four unique ways. Through food security and support, providing items that will allow children to enjoy both the warm and colder times of year, and through the enjoyment of sport, arts and other activities. We also have a way in which we can support emerging needs that might arise that don’t necessarily fit within our program parameters, but there is an apparent need and connection to supporting children living in remote, Northwestern Ontario First Nation communities.

As with all of our work, our programs are an opportunity to supplement and enhance the work that is being carried out in a community. Being a 100% community-led organization allows us to learn and grow with our community partners and never assume anything about the community, without the community.

Backpack Program

Our Backpack Program addresses food insecurity that exists in the communities we work with.

Warm Clothing

We believe that every child should be warm and dry when they are building a snowman or tobogganing down a hill.

Healthy Living

The primary goal of our Health Living program is to provide children with the equipment that is necessary to have fun.

Emergency Fund

We work in coordination with the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority and therefore are committed to working with the 33 First Nations in the area.