Colleen Martin


Colleen grew up in Atikokan, as part of a large family. She attended Carleton University in Ottawa, obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Accounting. Returning to the north she settled in Thunder Bay with her best friend, husband Bruce.  Married in 1987, their family grew with two children, Tamara and Jarred, their children’s life partners, Jeff and Lexy, and two beautiful grandsons Noah and Billy. Colleen’s personal career led her through a journey with First Nations for more than 25 years. As a result, one of her passions is to bring awareness of history and Indian legislation to create an understanding of, and compassion for, the challenges still faced by First Nation peoples in Canada. She has facilitated dialogue and efforts to improve quality of life for First Nation peoples through activities of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Since 2015, Colleen has represented the League nationally, as part of a coalition of Catholic partners focused on renewing and strengthening relations with Indigenous people of Canada through activities focused on reconciliation. Her work to improve quality of life for First Nation’s children continues as a member of the Board of Directors of Mikinakoos Children’s Fund.